Dirty Heads @ The Great South Bay Music Festival

Dirty Heads play at the summer 2018 Great South Bay Music Festival on the South Shore Village of Patchogue, NY.

I fell for the Dirty Heads while living in Santa Barbara, California in the early 2000s. Their reggae-rock-hiphop vibe filled the Cali airways and reminded me of the 90’s Sublime I loved so much. ‘Lay Me Down’ which was their hit single in 2008 even featured Rome Ramirez of the now Sublime with Rome. Since then, Duddy B and Dirty J have been pumping out great album after great album and I own every one on vinyl.

I’m a huge fan and I love every show that I’ve been lucky enough to attend. This show was special because for as long as I’ve lived in the Village of Patchogue, I’ve attended the Great South Bay Music Festival. I’ve always thought this festival would be a great place for the Dirty Heads to play. The energy of this show was so lit and you could tell the band members enjoyed themselves.

I hope you enjoy these shots I was fortunate enough to get from the front row.